5 Rules to Maximize Your Email Marketing engagement

September 24, 2020
September 24, 2020 Fernando Carvalho

5 Rules to Maximize Your Email Marketing engagement

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One of the most difficult aspects of email marketing is persuading an email subscriber to become something more – a buyer, for example. Email marketing conversion is a much discussed topic in online marketing, but it is often presented in an abstract, hard-to-follow way.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The more you understand about email marketing, the more you’ll understand how easy it can be to turn subscribers into doers. Here are five simple rules to help you maximize your email conversion.

1. Understand your audience

The key to transforming as many email contacts as possible is knowing who you are contacting. Understand who your subscriber is and how your products, services, or even content can be of use to him or her. Before writing your next email marketing campaign, consider the following questions.

  • Who is my target audience for this particular product, service or content?
  • How could the people on my existing contact list benefit most from what I offer?
  • What brand expectations do my subscribers have of me and how will this campaign help meet those expectations?

2. Make sure your call to action is clear

If you want something, you need to feel free to ask. Email contacts are like messages that get to the point. Have a clear call to action, and make it easy for your subscriber to act on that call with the least effort.

  • A direct call to action that explains exactly what you want the subscriber to buy a particular item, take part in a survey, and so on
  • A simple design that stays on the brand, with text, font and graphics large and clear enough to be displayed
  • An uncomplicated way for the contact to complete the action, preferably with one click

3. Make sure that the copy is well written and varied

A well-written copy of your email marketing campaigns can increase or break your conversion rates. Create your campaign copy in precise and clear language and avoid long sentences and grammatical errors. Write the following:

  • Uses action-oriented text, such as “read the latest eBook,” “reserve your place in my workshop” or “download this useful graphic.”
  • Written in the first person
  • Creates a sense of urgency in the recipient

4. Segment Your Email Lists

Segmenting your email subscriber list can help you better address certain subgroups that have a particular interest in a product or service.

  • Demographics: age, nationality and so on
  • Behavior: Consider how users handle your e-mails as often as they open or click through an e-mail, for example
  • Geography: Segment by UK countries Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland or sub-regions Northern England and Southern England and so on
  • Preferences and interests: You can base this information on past purchases, surveys or other data about a particular subscriber.

5. Personalize as much as possible

An e-mail is a personal form of communication. As such, you want your e-mail campaigns to be as personalized as possible. In addition to using inline features that address an e-mail recipient by name, you also try to personalize the e-mail by sending unique e-mails that address the specific personal details of subscribers.

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